What You’ve Missed on Mia Goes Shopping

It has been over a year since I started my little adventure with Mia Goes Shopping and moved my blog to miagoesshopping.com. I honestly doesn’t feel like it has been that long at all- it’s crazy to me how fast time goes by!


And don’t forget- it’s Sephora VIB sale time! This week on MGS I’ll be rounding up my favorite hair and skincare products that you can shop during the sale for 15% off!


As always- you can shop my Instagram and favorite finds at miagoesshopping.com/shop!


On miagoesshopping.com I publish posts twice a week related to all things fashion, beauty and fun DIYs! Here’s a little recap of some of my most popular posts:


DIY Faux Succulents

This post blew up my blog and Pinterest account. I was shocked! It’s a super easy DIY for those people (like me!) that just can’t seem to keep plants alive but love the look of greenery in their home!

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Spring Chambray Outfit

This look is super easy and affordable! And you can’t go wrong with a nice pop of pink!

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Spring Chambray_01-04-2018-21-10-15



Springtime Makeup with Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation

I loved trying out this foundation! It’s light and buildable and has and SPF! What more do you need?!

CLICK HERE to read my review and find out what other makeup I’m loving! 

Mark Jacobs Shameless_0466






What You’ve Miss on Mia Goes Shopping

Hello friends!

It’s officially been over 6 months since I’ve moved my blog over to miagoesshopping.com! If you haven’t been over to the new (and improved) Mia Goes Shopping website, here’s a little bit of what you’ve missed:

Jcrew chateau parka 4

My new favorite (and budget friendly!) over the knee boots

This easy look with comfy winter layers

The GREATEST winter coat of all time!

 And my most popular posts! My Differin Routine


You can also shop my Instagram and my favorite sale finds too!


UPDATE: I’ve Moved!

Gingham 4 Ways 1

Happy Monday Everyone! I wanted to take the time and announce that I have officially moved my blog! You can now find me at miagoesshopping.com!

When I first decided to start this I didn’t do much research and just went for it. I was so excited to start my blogging journey and just wanted to get something up and online! After I completed my first post I started researching all things blogging including setup and hosting. After about two weeks of constant deliberation and lots of pro and con lists I decided to take the chance and start a self hosted blog.

So head over to Mia Goes Shopping for all of my shopping updates, wish lists, style posts and sale updates (including my newest post on the look above!). I can’t wait to see you there!

And, as always, for more shopping fun you can find me on Instagram @miagoesshopping

SALE ALERT- Sephora VIB Sale

Sephora VIB Sale

It’s my favorite time of the year! The Sephora VIB Sale has officially started for all VIB Rouge members. This special sale hits twice a year and is the perfect time to stock up on your favorites and to purchase that special something that you just haven’t been able to pull the trigger on yet. The sale typically runs in a few different phases- first it rolls out to the VIB Rouge members ($1,000+ annual spend), then to the VIB’s. It seems like the discount varies each time (in November I got 20% off as a VIB Rouge- this time its 15%) but since Sephora products never seem to be discounted any percentage off is a special treat!

My favorite thing to buy during the sale is skincare. Usually these items are a little more expensive and that extra special discount helps me to feel not so bad about spending $50+ on a single product. I’ve linked my favorite things to purchase during the sale below and I’ve gone into a little detail on each one. Happy shopping!

ONE– I’m obsessed with Drybar products! Seriously I have never tried anything from the brand that I didn’t fall completely in love with! They all have this amazing fresh-from-the-salon smell and the cutest names and packaging! The Hot Toddy Heat Protector is one of the first products that I tried from the brand and I haven’t looked back. It’s amazing. Put it in your damp hair and style as usual- your hair will thank you! It’s on the more expensive side but the tube lasts FOREVER! I’m buying a backup while I can get it on sale.

TWO– I’ve never tried this product so I don’t have that much to say. But I’m excited for it! I’ve been on a try-all-the-dry-shampoos kick to find my perfect fit and after watching a short video on this one on the Sephora website I think it’ll be a good fit! I can’t wait for it to come in!

THREE– Not much to say on this expect it’s the greatest thing in the universe. It takes off ALL my eye makeup SO easily! I’ve been using this for years and despite all the other similar products I’ve tried I always go back to it. It’s just amazing.

FOUR– Okay so it took me forever to finally pull the trigger and purchase this mask. I read so many amazing things about it but the price always scared me away. Last year during the VIB sale I had some extra cash and decided to go for it. It’s amazing. Everything you hear about this mask is true. I haven’t been able to use it lately since I started Differin (more on that later) but I still can’t recommend this mask enough!

FIVE and SIX– I love these sheet masks. They are priced perfectly so you will be able to try them all! They are the perfect thing to use to unwind after a long day. I love to use the eye masks before a night out or when traveling to add some extra moisture to the eye area. I’m picking up the foot mask in the sale to try out- I’ll keep you posted.

SEVEN– This is my FAVORITE moisturizer and the ONLY moisturizer I’ve ever finished and repurchased. A Sephora Associate recommended it to me shortly after it arrived in the store. I was at the register making my purchase and she said: “What’s your skin type?” and I replied: “Horrible, gross, oily and acne prone”. And then she handed me a sample of this moisturizer and told me to come back with a review. The rest is history!

EIGHT– This has been my biggest VIB Sale splurge to date. I read all the reviews for months before the sale to make sure that it was something I really wanted to splurge on. So first- it works super well. I used it at night after washing my face every other day. It sinks into the skin so well and doesn’t leave me feeling oily. The downside- it has a smell. A strong smell. It’s almost like tea tree shampoo in a pine tree forest. If you’re acne prone and not sensitive to smells I highly recommend this- it works!

NINE– Finally, my favorite self tanner. I’ve tried other gradual self tanners and this one is still my favorite. It’s the perfect thing to add a little something extra to my summer glow!

What are your favorite things from Sephora? Anything fun you plan on picking up during the sale? Sound off in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe!

Making My Shopping Budget

Blog 1

Trying to decide how much is enough for me to spend on clothes has been the hardest task of my life. Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating a little. But I just love shopping and trying to limit myself has proved itself to be an incredibly hard task!

I have never been good at budgeting my money. I am very much a “have money will spend” person. So the first thing I did when trying to draw up my shopping budget was look at my finances. I don’t want to overdo it and leave myself with not enough cash to cover that pesky credit card debt. So I compared my debt to income for the month and settled on a number.

Another thing that I considered was need and want. I don’t need a new purse but I sure do want one! Skincare for me fell under the need category. Growing up with horrible oily acne prone skin (and having that bad acne return in my 20’s) having the proper skincare items is super important to me. So I decided that skincare and basic makeup (my favorite tinted moisturizer and eyebrow pencil) would not come out of my spending allowance.

So the magic number that I came up with is $100-$150 a month. I figured that would be enough to keep my wardrobe current or enough to get me that one really great piece that I just can’t live without! So stay tuned (and subscribe!!) to see what I’m buying, my shopping wish list and how I’m styling all of my new pieces!

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