UPDATE: I’ve Moved!

Gingham 4 Ways 1

Happy Monday Everyone! I wanted to take the time and announce that I have officially moved my blog! You can now find me at miagoesshopping.com!

When I first decided to start this I didn’t do much research and just went for it. I was so excited to start my blogging journey and just wanted to get something up and online! After I completed my first post I started researching all things blogging including setup and hosting. After about two weeks of constant deliberation and lots of pro and con lists I decided to take the chance and start a self hosted blog.

So head over to Mia Goes Shopping for all of my shopping updates, wish lists, style posts and sale updates (including my newest post on the look above!). I can’t wait to see you there!

And, as always, for more shopping fun you can find me on Instagram @miagoesshopping